Religion Time Line


God made Abraham "father" of the Hebrew people.

2000 B.C.

The Hebrews moved to Egypt.

1650 B.C.

The Hebrews migrated because there was drought and famine.

Moses was born.

1330 B.C.

Hebrews fled Egypt.

1300 B.C.

When they first arrived in Egypt they were given places of honor. Later they were forced into slavery.

Jesus is born.

6 B.C

Jesus began preaching

24 A.D

Jesus is crucified

29 A.D

Three days later he rose and appeared to his followers .

29 A.D

Jews rebelled against Rome

66 A.D

About half a million Jews were killed in the rebellion.

73 A.D

Another half a million Jews were killed.

132 A.D

Constantine ended the persecution of Christians

313 A.D

Theodosius made Christianity the official language.

380 A.D

Mohammad is born.

570 A.D

Gabriel spoke to Mohammed.

610 A.D

Mohammad began to preach publicly in Mecca.

613 A.D

Mohammad moved from Mecca to Medina.

622 A.D

Mohammed dies.

632 A.D