La Entrada Timeline.

Stephanie Montero


Santa Fe is founded.


The city of Santa Fe was originally occupied by a number of Pueblo Indian villages with founding dates between 1050 to 1150.

Ponce De Leon

1474 - July 1521

He was a Spanish explorer and conquistador.He also led the first European expedition to Florida, which he named. Ponce De Leon believed that it was another island.

Alavar Nunez Cabeza de vacas journey

1527 - 1536

Alavar Nunez was a spanish explorer of the New world, one of four survivors of the 1527 Navarez expedition. During eight years of traveling acoss the Southwest he became a slave trader and shaman to various Native American tribes before reconnecting with Spanish colonial forces in Mexico in 1536.

Fray Marcos De Niza and the 7 citites of Cibola.

1531 - 1539

He went to America in 1531.In 1537 he be established in Mexico City. Preceded by Estevanico, the Moorish companion of Cabeza de Vaca in his wanderings and the Black Mexican of Zuni traditions, Fray Marcos left Culiacán in March 1539, crossed south-eastern Arizona, penetrated to the Zuni or the Seven Cities of Cibola, and in September returned to Culiacán. He saw Cibola only from a distance, and his description of it as equal in size to Mexico City was probably exact; but he embodied much mere hearsay in his report, Descubrimiento de las siete ciudades, which led Francisco Vázquez de Coronado to make his famous expedition next year.

Father Kino


Father Kino establishes a Spanish mission at San Xavier del bac in Tucson, Arizona

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado's exploration.

1540 - 1542

He was a Spanish conquistador, who visited New Mexico and other parts of what are now the southwestern United States between 1540 and 1542. Coronado had hoped to conquer the mythical Seven Cities of Gold.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo


He was a Portuguese explorer noted for his exploration of the west coast of North America on behalf of Spain. Cabrillo was the first European explorer to navigate the coast of present day California in the United States.

Pedro Menendez De Aviles.


He was a Spanish admiral and explorer from the region of Asturias, Spain, remembered for planning the first regular trans-oceanic convoys and for founding St. Augustine, Florida.

British pirates led by Sir Francis Drake


On the night of 29 July, along with Howard, Drake organised fire-ships, causing the majority of the Spanish captains to break formation and sail out of Calais into the open sea. The next day, Drake was present at the Battle of Gravelines

Juan de Onate


He was a Mexican explorer, colonial governor of the New Spain province of New Mexico, and founder of various settlements in the present day American Southwest.

Spanish Priests and soldiers.


Spanish Priests and soldiers, fearing French control of texas, establish a mission settlement at San Antonio, texas

Father Junipero Serra


Father Junipero Sera establishes a series of missions one day horse apart throughout California.