Ancient Greece Timeline


Mycenaean Civilizatio

1600 BC - 1100 BC

End of Minoan Civilization

1450 BC

Greeks sack Troy

1250 BC

according to Homer

Dark Ages

1100 BC - 750 BC

First Olympic festival is held

776 BC

Greek Migration

750 BC - 550 BC

A large number of Greeks left their homelands to settle in distant lands


750 BC

The city-state is the central focus of Greek life

Sparta Begins to conquer Messenia

730 BC

Athens is a unified polis

700 BC


700 BC

The military system is based on hoplites

Athens is an oligarchy

700 BC

Athens has become an oligarchy under the control of its aristocrats


700 BC - 500 BC

New group of rich men leads to the rise of tyrants

Athens faces political turmoil

600 BC


594 BC

Athens gives all power to Solon


560 BC

He takes power in Athens

Pythagoras developed geometrical theories

550 BC


508 BC

End of Tyranny

500 BC

Classical Greece

500 BC - 338 BC

Ionian cities revolt

499 BC

Battle of Marathon

490 BC

Athenian army beats Persian army

1st Persian Invasion led by Darius

490 BC

Darius dies

486 BC

2nd Persian Invasion led by Xerxes

480 BC

Battle at Thermopylae

479 BC

Athens is abandoned

478 BC

Battle of Salamis

477 BC

Battle at Platea

476 BC

Delian League

475 BC

Actually in 478 BC

Age of Pericles

461 BC - 429 BC

Pericles is a dominant figure in Athenian Politics

461 BC - 429 BC

Athenians move the Delian league to Athens

454 BC

Building of the Parthenon

447 BC - 432 BC

Peloponnesian War

431 BC - 405 BC

Plague in Athens

430 BC

Battle at Aegospotami

405 BC

Crushing blow to Athens, whose fleet was destroyed

Macedonia emerges as a powerful kingdom

400 BC

Socrates is placed on trial

399 BC

Plato founds the Academy in Athens

387 BC

Philip II comes to Macedonian throne

359 BC

Battle of Chaeronea

338 BC

Athens and other Greek city-states ally against the Macedonians but are defeated here

Alexander is King of Macedonia

336 BC - 323 BC

Philip is killed

336 BC

Alexander and his army enters Asia Minor

334 BC

Alexander has now conquered Syria, Palestine, and Egypt

332 BC

Alexander has taken over all of Persia

331 BC

Battle at Gaugamela

331 BC

Alexander defeats a battle with the Persians

Alexander's army enters India

326 BC

Hellenistic Era

323 BC - 31 BC

Alexander dies

323 BC

Archimedes is born

287 BC