All the anime (and maybe a few non-anime ones) that I've watched over the course of my life. The shows 'end' when I no longer had interest in them/finished the series or left it hanging for a while.


Studio Ghibli movies


Ever since I was a young kid, my grandma let us borrow movies from her house. Every other time, I took home 'My Neighbor Totoro'. I was in love with that movie.
I love all Ghibli films to this day and throughout and plan to see each of them as they hit theaters.



I remember getting up right before school every morning to watch Pokemon. I don't remember it being on Saturdays, but on school days. It's weird. My mom would watch it with us.
A year or two later I got my first Pokemon game, Silver. I had no idea there was a game for it!
To this day, I don't watch the anime, but I will play the game every once in a while. Always love Pokemon.

Dragonball Z


Dragonball Z. My most favorite, even still to this day! I will never get over it.
I thought it was kind of stupid at first, all it was is a bunch of screaming buff dudes. My brother watched it and wouldn't let me change the channel, so I had to watch it with him. I was hooked.
It was great getting to watch the same thing with my bro on Toonami every day after school. :)


jan 2002 - dec 2002

Another one I watched before school. Except this one came on at 5 in the morning. Too early! But I did it anyway. Also played some Hamtaro games for the Gameboys.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho

jan 2002 - sept 2004

I thought the art was kind of ugly, but like with everything else, a few episodes in and I love it. :)
Shared some great memories with my friend Kia (aka Hiei) and we often fought over Kurama and Hiei. hahaha

Jimmy Neutron


Hey. I just love the show. :)

Ranma 1/2 manga

2004 - 2009

My mom actually suggested me reading some manga. I don't know where she got that idea from, but I had never knew there were comics galore about this! Ranma 1/2 was the first one I bought, because I knew it was from the same author as Inuyasha. I also bought Maison Ikkoku alongside. I went up to purchasing 23 volumes before selling it. ;_; I still don't know how it ends.


2004 - dec 2007

Oh dear goodness.
Was I ever obsessed with this show.
Friends at school told me to watch this, but at first I was unable because I was not allowed to stay up that late for Adult Swim. After a night at Kia's I watched the first ep, was a little skeptical, but convinced my mom that I could use the VCR recorder to tape it over night.
For about 2 years in a row, I got up 30mins extra early to grab the tape, pop it in the tv in my room and watch it before school.

and Miroku.
He was my hunk-a-monk.

Wolf's Rain

may 2004 - 2006

I watched this series as I bought the DVDs. I knew it was on Adult Swim, but I wanted to wait. First anime DVD ever. Made it a complete set over this time period.
Had a great time watching this with friends, Leah (Cheza) and Kia whenever we had sleepovers.


2007 - 2009

I quickly got into it, then I quickly fell out.
I watched it on Toonami as I cross-stiched in my dad's chair. There was nothing else on, so okay, I fell for this one. It was pretty good until I realized how many episodes there really are. I watched Shippuden online as it came out and read the manga online. I guess I got bored of it.

Death Note

may 2007 - 2009

I watched this and Ouran Host Club all in 1 week over the summer. It was pretty sweet. (such a contrast between the two though.. lol)
Met Lyndsey through this anime. She called me L (and then everyone called me L at school for a while. o.o) and she was Kira. We talked about this show in class all the time.

Ouran High School Host Club

may 2007 - 2010

This. This show was stinkin' cute. I watched this all in 1 week alongside Death Note. After I finished I continued reading the manga until it finally ended.

Soul Eater

2008 - 2010

I really enjoyed this one. :)
I watched the episodes online as they came out. I also remembering being SO upset with the ending! So I found the manga and continued reading that. But it's been going so slow, I've forgotten about it.
Created my first OC around this show.
She was a mary sue.
So she was quickly butchered.

DTK <3


feb 2009 - sept 2011

I loved this, it was so funny!
Made history so much fun (I wish I hadn't taken my history in school before watching this!)
I was pretty obsessed. Cosplayed some characters from the series, and engaged in roleplays. fun fun fun
Then they stopped making episodes. Awww. :(
Met a couple new friends at conventions from this fandom.

They recently started showing new episodes again, and I'm in love with the different style, but I don'tt hink I have quite as much enthusiam about it as I used it.
Unless it shows Prussia.
I love Prussia. <3


apr 2010 - 2012

I watched all the episodes in like 3 days. lol
I was stressed about school and everything, I remember I was crying. I was feeling very depressed at the time about not really having much enthusiam for Tv, cartoons, reading etc. So I sat down and started a new anime. I really liked this one (I mean, I really liked Shizou. Shut up.) and went beyond the anime and read the light novels it was based upon. Until no one really cared to translate them anymore. :/

Sgt. Frog

Sept 2011

My boyfriend one day said 'hey, I watched a pretty funny anime on Netflix with his young cousins, you might like it.' So I watched it.
Probably my 2nd favorite anime of all time now. It's all around amazing when you really get into it. It has that 'right in the childhood' feel sometimes in some episodes where I just wish I had grew up watching this at a younger age. There are way too many freakin' episodes but Iove that. I like to highlight and save me an episode for a rainy day or bad day. <3

I'm in the process of creating a couple OCs for this. Just.. haven't had time to draw anything. Dx

Adventure Time

jan 2012

C'mon grab your friends!
I did not like the show at first. I thought it was pretty rude for something on daytime cartoon network.
After some talk, I decided to watch a few episodes and I just love the randomness of it all. You just can't explain it sometimes and that's why it's so funny to me. I love reading people's theories on it. So, I then became avid to watch the new episodes as they air on Cartoon Network since then.


june 2012

How did I ever get into this? lol
I tried reading it once back in 2010 but couldn't get past the first few pages, like many. So I tried again over the summer and finished all the way up to meeting Calliope in about a week. I was INTO it. Spent 12 hours in one day reading it. Crap.

Right now I'm just a casual fan. I'm not too keen on hanging with big groups who are into it, I just like to read it as it updates. Such a great story.. I don't want it to end. ;_;