Untitled timeline


Jim Crow Song and Dance surfaces


Thomas D. Rice, a white actor, performs ''Jump Jim Crow'' a song and dance criticising black people.

Virginia Minstrels spread Jim Crow to New York


A group of 4 white men who call themselves the ''Virginia Minstrels'' and perform the Jump Jim Crow song and dance in New York City

Civil Rights Act proposed


An act is proposed that entitles African Americans to be treated equally in public transport and accommodation. In 1883 however, the Supreme Court decides that it is unconstitutional.

Jim Crow Laws are passed


Laws named after the Jim Crow song and dance act that discriminate against black people are passed in the south. White people felt as if they ''needed to take control'' of the blacks in their city.

Segregation in every southern state


By now, every southern state separates blacks from whites in railroad cars, restaurants, waiting rooms, theatres, parks, beaches and hospitals.

Supreme Court challenge Jim Crow Laws


The Supreme Court begins to hold an intervention on the Jim Crow Laws.

Brown v. Board of Education


The Supreme Court decides that separating white children from black children in public schools was illegal.

Civil Rights Movement


The end to the Jim Crow Laws begins from a movement that campaigns equality for black people.