Future Trends


Massive Online Courses


This did not directly impact our school, however I believe that this has helped influence the blended/hybrid courses that we are developing now.

Tablet Computing


We have had iPad programs for a couple of years now, but it is really catching on throughout the country. A lot of this is due to the number of interactive, hands-on apps that can be used in the classroom.

Blended / Hybrid Courses for HS


This is changing how we present our material, use our class time, and assess our students. Students are also impacted by having more flexibility in how, what, and when they learn materials.

Mobile Devices and Apps


The number of educational apps that are high quality, free, and well supported are exploding. Students and teachers are also developing their own apps for the classroom.

Game Based Learning


Envisioningtech believes that student made apps falls into this category, so we are currently in the process of making this a reality in our school with a Programming for Mobile Devices course. This hopefully will mean a class that is project based and tackles the needs of other courses by providing custom apps for the school.

Augmented Reality


I'm not sure how the tech will evolve in the future, but being able to transport students to a different environment could definitely help engage and educate.

Natural User Interfaces


Again, something that I am unsure of how this will integrate with the curriculum in schools, but having more interactions by the students can help in the future.

Holography / Immersive Video Reality


Too far away for me to grasp exactly what this means, but maybe something with google glass or beyond would allow for instant access to knowledge for our students