The 1950's:

Happy Days and the Beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.

Cold War

It was called the Cold War because most if it was just tension between the US and North Korea. Cold War is a war with no violence, A Hot War is the opposite.



NATO stood for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. There goal was to stop the spread of communism, military alience. It is still going on today.

North Korea Becomes Communist


In the attempt to help the US beat Japan in WWII Russia sent troops to Korea, every where that the soviet union moved troops, that country became communist.

22nd Amendment


This Amendment made it so you can not be president more then two terms, this happened after FDR served 4 terms to get us through WWII.

Warsaw Pact


The Warsaw Pact was the East Europe and Stalin Military Service.



Sputnik was the first satellite in space. It was lunched by the USSR in 1957. This scared the US immensely, it meant that they had the know how to make rockets. Which in turn meant that if they did want to launch a nuke towards the US it would only take 15 minuets to reach us.



In response to the USSR's recent launch into space with sputnik, we formed the US's national space center. This began the Space Race.

Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro was the new communist leader in Cuba. Cuba becoming communist was a very large scare in the US, they thought that since it spread all the way to Cuba that it could very easily now spread to the US.

Civil Rights Movement

The fight to make "Seporate But Equal" and "Jim Crow" laws a thing of the past.

Brown Vs. Board of Education


After Mr. Brown and his daughter where denied the right to go to the a "white" school they sued the Board of Education.



The NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of Colord People.

Montgomery Bus Boycot


After Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus and arrested for it, she with the help of MLK set up the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Since the bus patrons where predominantly black the buses began integration.

Event in McFarland at this time

First Kindergarden In McFarland