Events leading up to the Civil War


Fugitive Slave Act

1850 - 1862

This did not appeal to abolitionists because it said if a run away slave becomes free their previous master can find them and bring them back.

Compromise of 1850


This caused a lot of tension between the north and the south because some people thought it was bias.

Uncle Tom's Cabin is Published


This is an abolitionist book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe that told what it was really like to be a slave. This did not appeal to pro-slavery people because it changed a lot of people opinions.

Kansas Nebraska Act


This was when Kansas and Nebraska were to be decided by popular sovereignty. This caused fighting in general because there were disagreements on whether they should be brought in as a free or slave state.

Pottawatomie Massacre


John Brown killed 5 people. The south was not impressed by this because they thought it was unnecessary to use violence for slavery.

Dred Scott Decision


The Dred Scott decision declared slaves as property this raised tensions between north and south because it was straight up unfair that slaves weren't even being treated as humans.

John Brown Raid's Harpers Ferry


John browns raid was the first sign of planned rebellion. Luckily for the south the slaves did not show, but they now have no idea if the slaves will back down the next time.

Election of 1860


This is the first sign of someone of high authority really trying to stop slavery.

Confederacy Formed

1861 - 1865

This was the last straw. The south seceding really just put a target on their back saying come and get us.