China's Imperial Dynasties


The Qin Dynasty

221 B.C.E. - 201 B.C.E.

China is unified under an emperor

The Han Dynasty

206 B.C.E. - 220 C.E.

A golden age for a united China

The Sui Dynasty

589 C.E. - 618 C.E.

China is reunified

The Tang Dynasty

618 C.E. - 907 C.E.

Many inventions are discovered; Economy is developing and growing

Ten Kingdoms

907 C.E. - 970 C.E.

These kingdoms were in the South. This period was a time of chaos and division

Five Dynasties

907 C.E. - 960 C.E.

All of these dynasties were in the North and was a period of chaos and division

The Song Dynasty

960 C.E. - 1279 C.E.

Many new inventions are discovered

The Yuan Dynasty

1279 C.E. - 1368 C.E.

China is controled by foreigners (Mongols)

The Ming Dynasty

1368 C.E. - 1644 C.E.

China opens up to foreign influences