Chinas's Imperial Dynasties


Qin dynasty

221 BCE - 206 BCE

unification of china under an emperor

han dynasty

206 BCE - 220 CE

a golden age for a united china

six dynasties

220 - 581 CE

a period of chaos and division

sui dynasty

589 - 618 CE

reunification of china

tang dynasty

618 - 907 CE

economic development and growth; many iventions and discoveries

five dynasties in the north

907 - 960 CE

a period of chaos and division

ten kingdoms in the south

907 - 970 CE

a period of chaos and division

song dynasty

960 - 1279 CE

economic deelopment and growth; many inventions and discoveries

yuan dynasty (mongols)

1279 - 1368 CE

control of china by foreigners

ming dynasty

1368 - 1644

opening up of china to foreign influences at the start of the dynasty; closing down of china by the end of the dynasty