China's Imperial Periods

China's Dynasties

The Qin Dynasty

221 BCE - 206 BCE

It was the first dynasty to be established.
China was unified by Prince Zheng.
It was the first period of a dynasty with an emperor.

The Han Dynasty

206 BC - 220 CE

It was the golden age for united china.
Whille it was collapsing the high taxes sent families into poverty.
The Han lasted for 300 years.
They governed with bureacracy.

The Six Dynasties

220 CE - 581 CE

It was a period of chaos and division.

The Sui Dynasty

589 CE - 618 CE

It was the reunification of china.
Rulers of the Sui conquered the south.

The Tang Dynasty

618 CE - 907 CE

Had a lot of economic development and growth.
The rulers had many inventions and discoveries.
Li Yuan declared this dynasty.

Song Dynasty

960 CE - 1279 CE

More economic development and growth.
More discoveries and inventions.
Lower class people had a chance to be scholar officials.

The Yuan Dynasty

1279 CE - 1368 CE

The Mongols ruled China in these years.
Mongols were foreigners.
In the 13th century Mongols ruled most of Asia.
In 1276 CE they captured the imperial capital of China.

The Ming Dynasty

1368 CE - 1644 CE

Opened up China to foreiners.
Their civil services lasted into the 20th century.
The Ming lasted about 300 years.