Canada's History


John A. Macdonald

July 1, 1867 - November 5, 1873

First Prime Minister of Canada

Chinese Head Tax

1885 - 1923

1885: The Chinese have to pay tax to stay in Canada
2006: Government of Canada officially apologize to Chinese

World War I

1914 - 1918

War Breaks Out In Europe
First introduced to variety of technologies- tanks, weapons, etc.

Canadian Involvement: D-day


Soldiers sent to invade small villages in Normandy.
Allied forces sent to invade Normandy.
Germans attack British-as they land from cliff ; Germans' advantage.

Charter of Rights and Freedom

April 17, 1985

Major Impact With Canadians & Government.
Law was passed that guaranteed rights.
Rights of freedom, speech, religion, etc.

Cold War Leftovers: Nuclear Disarmament


Global event
Destroy Weapons-nuclear, plutonium, etc.

Canadian Troops Deployed (Sent) to Afghanistan


Canadian/ N.A. help Afghanistan- fight against Taliban
No longer Peacekeepers

Mad Cow Disease

May 2003

Infected cows; cause people to die.
No animals sent to States; shut down.
Yellow tag on ear-labeled
Disease goes to brain, breaks down/ eats away - 2 years to die; brutal death.



Late 2009.
Caused by pigs during Thanksgiving- from Mexico.
Spread by coughing, sneezing, etc.
22 million infected.

Vancouver Winter Olympics

02/12/2010 - 02/28/2010

21st Winter Olympic.
Happens Every 4 Years
Canada has record for most Gold medals.
US has record for most medals.

Canadian Penny Discontinues


Government tells Canadian Mint to stop producing pennies.
Making of pennies- cost more than what it is worth.