Canada's important events

The history of events in Canada


John A MacDonald

1815 - 1891

Canada's first prime minister

Chinese head tax's in Canada

1885 - 1923

charged Chinese people money to stay in Canada ; in the end Canada's government apologized to the Chinese.

World war 1

1914 - 1918

War breaks out in Europe.The war started out small and became larger each time. No one won in the end


June 6, 1944

Allied forces invade Normandy

Canadian charter of rights and freedom


Laws determined what human rights.

cold war left overs


Canada, USA, Russia, Afghanistan disposed nuclear weapons after the civic wars

American troops sent to train Afghanistan


Canada and USA soldiers were sent to Afghanistan to train them how to fight against the Taliban. Therefore we are no longer peace keepers.

Mad Cow Disease

May 2003

A disease that effect the brain, it breaks down your brain and takes 2 years to die. your body doesn't function any more, make you become vegetables. USA sent baby calf to Alberta

H1N1 flu


caused by pigs from mexico and blue birds from china. Living with animals can contaminate you and give you swine flue

Vancouver winter Olympics


Canada won the most gold metals by playing in the winter Olympics. we broke the Canadian record , a Olympics happen every 4 years

Making of pennies


Government told company's to stop making pennies. Making of were too expensive than the actual pennies.