Untitled timeline


HItler Makes Nazi Party


Fascist party. He failed to overthrow the government before.

Mussolini Makes first Fascist Government


Soviet Union Formed



Stalin Takes control


He takes control although Lenin says he shouldn't

Five Year Plans by Stalin


Invasion of Manchuria By Japan


Nazi Party becomes Dominant Party in Germany


Germany Succeeds from League of Nations


United States Recognizes Soviet Union


Gives legitimacy to Russia

HItler Becomes Chancellor of Germany


He now has absolute Power

FDR in Power

1933 - April 12 1945

Was able to have as many terms as he did because the 22nd amendment hadn't been passed yet. This showed that the american people don't like change in times of trouble. Term ends with his death

Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act


Designed to lower tariffs

Italian Invasion of Ethiopia


They attacked Ethiopia because they knew it would fall quickly. This would make them seem more powerful

Nuremburg laws go into Effect

September 15 1935

Allowed for government sanctioned antisemitism.

Franco leads Spanish Revolution

1936 - 1939

German Invasion of Rhineland


Land reclaimed in direct defiance of Treaty of Versaille

German invasion of Austria

March 12 1938

No opposition

Night of Broken Glass

November 9 1938

Marked beginning of holocaust. Many jewish businesses were burned down along with synagogues.

Stalin takes complete control


Now a totalitatian government

German invasion of Czechoslovakia

March 15 1939

Non Aggresion Pact Between Germany and Russia

August 23 1939

Prevents two front war

Cash and Carry

September 1939

Countries had to pay in cash and collect weapons by boat. This was designed to keep the united states neutral. Reflects isolationistic views

German invasion of Poland

September 1 1939

Effectively Begins World War 2

Britain and France declare war on Germany

September 3 1939

Was a direct result of the invasion of Poland

German Invasion of Denmark and Norway

April 9, 1940

Phony war used to distract other countries from real goals

Germany bombs Britain

August 15 1940

Not entirely Successful

Triparte Pact

September 27 1940

Marks unison of Axis Powers- Germany (Hitler), Italy (Mussolini), Japan (Tojo)

Germany Invades USSR

March 1941 - February 2 1943

Makes Nonagression pact void, Hitler starts invasion too late and falls victim to Russian Winter

Pearl Harbor

December 7 1941

Thrust the United States into War. This was a huge success for the Japanese

Manhattan Project Begins


Kept secret from nearly everyone. Made nuclear weapon, which was superior to any weapons in existence. Headed by einstein and oppenheimmer.

Hitler enacts "Final Solution"


Death and work camps for non jews. The largest of these death camps was Auschwitz Birkinaeu

Core founded


Japanese Relocation Camps

February 19, 1942

Roosevelt allows from Japanese citizens to be relocated to more remote areas. This violated citizens rights.

Americans leave phillipines

March 11 1942

Macarthur vows to return

Doolittle Raids

April 19 1942

Battle of Coral Sea

May 1942

Huge Naval battle. This, in addition to Guadalcanal, stopped the japanese from taking Australia.


May 15 1942

Allows women to assist overseas


June 3 1942


August 1942

First American Offensive, huge victory

Battle of Stalingrad

August 23, 1942 - February 2, 1943

Huge loss for Germans and they couldn't recover from the losses that they took.

Operation Torch

November 1942 - May 1943

Allied Offensive in North Africa

Battle for Rome

1943 - 1945

Italians could resist only because of the aid of Germany

African Americans in Combat

April 1943

Used in the civil rights movement. If one can fight and die for a country, he or she should be treated equally by that country.

Detroit Riot

June 1943

Showed rise of racial tensions in the US

Operation Shingle

January 22 1944 - June 5 1944

Allowed for Allied forces to attack rome


June 6 1944

Allied offensive in France. Normandy beaches. Allowed for allies to liberate France

Concentration Camps discovered by Soviets

July 1944

This is important because nobody knew about how bad these camps were until they were finally publicized.

Battle of Peleliu

September 15 1944 - November 27 1944

One of the most controversial battles of the pacific, as the island wasn't used after it was captured. One of if not the deadliest battle for americans. Japanese ditched banzai attacks, and used cave systems to move and attack from. This was used on okinawa and iwo jima

Battle of Leyte Gulf

October 1944

Largest Naval Battle of World War II. Allowed for the Capture of the Philippines.

Aachen Captured

October 1944

Breaks the Siefried line, the German defensive line.

Battle of the Bulge

December 16 1944

German offensive designed to break Allied lines. If successful, it wouldve allowed the Germans to fight only part of an army. Failed

Nuremburg Trials

1945 - 1949

Put Nazi War Criminals on trial. Not even half were convicted

Yalta Conference

February 1945

Battle of Iwo Jima

February 19 1945 - March 26 1945

Allowed for the bombing of Japan as well. Japanese utilized cave systems just as they did on Peleliu

Invasion of Okinawa

April 1945

Japanese use same defense as on Peleliu, results in massive casualties for both sides. Allowed for Americans to bomb Japans mainland

Russians Take Berlin

April 25 1945

This crushes the Germans, Hitler commits suicide along with many leading party members.


May 8 1945

End of War in Europe

First Nuke Test

July 16 1945

Shows unbelievable power of nuclear bomb.

Hiroshima nuked

August 6 1945

Japan doesnt surrender yet.

Nagasaki Nuked

August 9 1945

Frightens Japan enough to force surrender.

V-J Day

September 2 1945

End of War in Pacific