Muhammad's Life

Muhammad Born

570 - 571

Muhammad was orphaned and then brought up by his uncle. He remained illiterate during his lifetime.

Muhammad Marries Khadija


Khadija is a widower who was wealthy. This wealth led to the freedom of Muhammed's spiritual discipline.

Muhammad Journeys to Yathrib


Rival groups in Yathrib (Medina) asked Muhammed to help solve property disputes. He left the city of Mecca because he was no longer safe. This exodus became known as "hijra," which marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar.

Muhammad and Followers Pilgrimage to Mecca


Muhammed goes back to Mecca because his new faith became so strong.

Muhammad conquers Mecca


Muhammed forgave the people of Mecca, but destroyed their idols.

Muhammad's Death


Dies at age 63 with no successors. His children died in their infancy.

Events Proceeding Muhammad's Death

Abu Bakr becomes first caliph

632 - 633

Bakr died subsequently after a year of ruling.

'Umar, second caliph

633 - 644

Under his rule, Damascus, Jerusalem, and Egypt were conquered by the Muslims. 'Umar was killed in 644 by a Persian slave.

'Uthman becomes third caliph

644 - 656

Under his campaign, Persia fell to the Muslims, as well as most of Asia Minor.

'Ali becomes caliph

656 - 661

The death of 'Ali leads to the split between Muslim believe. Shi'ite and Sunni beliefs become separate

Dome of the Rock Finished


Believed to be where Muhammed ascended into heaven, the Islamic sanctuary is finished being built. It is the oldest surviving Islamic sanctuary, and holiest place in Islam after Mecca and Medina.

Iran's Islamic Revolution

1979 - 2013

Iran tried to build a vision of a true Islamic state.

9/11 Terrorist Attack on World Trade Centers


The plane crash into the World Trade centers swayed the worldview of Islam. It created a twisted interpretation and prejudice against Muslims. To this day the religion of Islam faces negative connotations.