Chronology of the Apostle Paul

S/Paul Life Events

Saul's Birth

2 A.D.

Born In Tarsus a City in the Roman province of Cilicia, after Augustus declares citizenship for the city. Saul was Born to devout Hebrew parents who had Roman legal rights.

Saul's Conversion

33 A.D.

Paul And Peter Executed

67 A.D.

Paul was likely beheaded in summer before Nero died in June of 68. Paul was Roughly 66 yrs old

Chronology of the Apostle Paul

Jerusalem Education

12 A.D. - 15 A.D.

Saul goes to Jerusalem to study under Gamaliel.

Time in Arabia

33 A.D. - 36 A.D.

Paul Returns to Tarsus

36 A.D. - 40 A.D.

Jerusalem trip (1st after conversion)

36 A.D.

Paul meets Barnabas

Agabus Prophesies Famine

42 A.D.

Paul and Barnbas Return to Jerusalem With Famine Relief

44 A.D.

Paul and Barnabas part ways after a dispute regarding John Mark

49 A.D


Jerusalem Conference

49 A.D.

(summer.) Circumcision is decidedly not required for justification.

Stays at Ephesus

54 A.D. - 57 A.D.

Paul stays in Ephesus until it gets hostile an flees to macedonia from where he writes Romans

In Jerusalem Again

58 A.D.

(spring) Met by riots and Mobs

Imprisoned at Caesarea

58 A.D. - 60 A.D.


63 A.D.


Roman Imprisonment

67 A.D.

From here he writes his last epistle to Timothy


1st Missionary Journey

44 A.D. - 46 A.D.

Paul, Barnabas and John Mark (Barnabas' Nephew) begin the journey but John Mark abruptly flees while on the Perga trip

Second Missionary Journey

49 A.D. - 52 A.D.

This time it's Paul and Silas

Third Missionary Journey

53 A.D.

He returns to Galatia then proceeds to the Phrygia province.

Fourth Missionary Journey

60 A.D. - 61 A.D.

While in a prisoner convoy to Rome, a shipwreck turns this into the fourth missionary journey.

Fifth Missionary Journey

63 A.D. - 67 A.D

Paul and Titus go to Crete

Non- Paul Events

Birth of Jesus

4 B.C.

Christ's Crucifixion

30 A.D.

April 3rd 30 A.D. While this is only one of the two possible dates for the crucifixion, due to the placement of Stephonos' martyrdom I like this one best.

Stephonos Martyred

32 A.D.

Council Of Nicea

325 A.D.

Constantine calls the first ecumenical council at Nicea