Philippines Colony Timeline


Philippines claimed by United States


The Treaty of Paris left the US in control of the Philippines rather than the Spanish who were previously in power.

US votes to keep Philippines as a colony

February 1899

Fighting broke out between Filipinos and American soldiers as the United States voted to keep the Philippines as a colony rather than let them declare independence.

First Nation Elections held for the National Assembly in the Philippines


The Philippines held their first elections for a national assembly. The main topic discussed was the timing of Independence for the Philippines.

Jones act passed


The Jones act is passed which promises that Philippines will have independence as soon as a stable government is formed.

First constitution is drafted and approved

February 1935

The first Filipino constitution was drafted ad later approved by President Roosevelt.

Japanese Occupation

December 1941

Japanese begin occupation of the Philippines during World War 2

US retakes the Philippines


The US begins to reclaim the Philippines from the Japanese

Phillipines gained independence from the US

July 4, 1946

The US granted the Phillipines independece on July 4, 1946 through the Treaty of Manila.