Roman History


Founding of the Roman Empire

753 bc

Roman Monarchy

753 BC - 509 BC

Ancient Alba Longa Destroyed

650 bc

Alba Longa was a city on the outskirts of Rome originally named Latium. It is said to be the oldest Ancient Roman city and was destroyed by Rome.

Roman Republic

509 BC - 27 BC

First Punic War

264 bc - 241 bc

Carthage vs. Rome-They fought over Sicily's wheat supply in the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal countries around it.

2nd Punic War

218 BC - 201 BC

Battle of Lake Tresamine

217 BC

Carthaginians defeated Romans in Italy. One of the largest and most successful ambushes in military history (2nd Punic War)

Hannibal's Victory at Cannae

216 BC

Battle of Zama

202 BC

Last battle of the second Punic War. Romans overpowered the Carthaginians and they surrendered.

Caesar Invades Gaul

58 BC

Roman Calendar Changed

46 BC

Change from the pre-julian calendar to the Julian Calendar

Octavius names himself Augustus

27 BC

Roman Emperor Augustus Ruled

27 BC - 14 AD

Roman Empire

27 BC - 753 AD

Jesus became incarnate from the Virgin Mary

0 AD

Mt. Vesuvius Eruption

79 AD

Hannibal's Victory at Cannae


Fall of the Roman Empire

476 AD