Paleo-Indians arrive in Maine.

8500 bc

Paleo-Indians disappear from Maine.

6500 bc

Archaic Indians live in Maine.

6500 bc

Archaic Indians disappear from Maine.

1500 bc

Ceramic Period's Indians find out how to make pottery.

1000 bc

Wabanaki live in Maine.

1400 ad

The Wabanaki Confederation was formed.

1500 ad

The explorer Giovanni da Verazzano claims North America for France.

1524 ad

"The Great Dying"

1616 ad

Mayflower arrives in New England.

1620 ad

Plymouth is founded.

1620 ad

York is founded.

1630 ad

King Philip's War

1676 ad

Massachusetts takes control of Maine.

1677 ad

King William's War

1689 ad

York Massacre

1692 ad

Phip's Treaty

1693 ad

Queen Anne's War

1702 ad

Lovewell of Dummer's War

1724 ad

Father Rale dies.

1724 ad

King George's War

1744 ad

Loisbourg is captured.

1744 ad

French Indian War

1754 ad

Boston Tea Party

1773 ad

War of 1812

1812 ad

Maine Constitution written.

1819 ad

Maine is accepted as a state.

1820 ad

Augusta becomes new state capital.

1827 ad

Aroostook War

1839 ad

Ashburton Treaty

1842 ad