Events leading up to the Civil War

Neel Patel


Compromise of 1850


The compromise of 1850 was made by Henry Clay. There are 5 main points.
-California enters the union as a free state.
-popular sovereignty would decide if any new states would join the union as a slave state or a free state.
- Texas would give up land in exchange for money from the government
- slave trade would be banned in Washington DC
-The slave laws will be stricter
This event leaded up to the civil war because both northerners and southerns were mad, because the north did not want stricter slave laws, the south did not want California to be a free state, and this caused sectionalism

Fugitive Slave Law

1850 - 1862

The fugitive slave law made it illegal for run away slaves to be free. Also if the slave ran way from their owners they would be shipped back to their owners. Also if anybody helps the slave run way they have to go to jail. Even free slaves have to go back to their owners if they ran away. Fugitive slave laws made the abolitionist mad because it will make it illegal for abolitionist to help slaves

Uncle Tom's cabin published date


Harriet Beacher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's cabin. Uncle Tom's cabin was about how life was like as a slave, and what they had been through. Also it tells them that they are humans too. Uncle Tom's cabin persuaded northerners to help end slavery and this created a split between the north and the south.

Kansas Nebraska Act


The Kansas Nebraska act said that it will hold a election to say if the slaves are free or a slave state. This caused a period called bloody Kansas which was not good for the north and the south because they both fought each other splitting the country in two causing sectionalism.

Pottawatomie Massacre


Pottawatomie Massacre is when John Brown went on a raid and killed 5 pro-slavery in Kansas. This made the southerners and caused even more sectionalism

Dred Scott Decision


Dred Scott decision out come said that Slaves are not people they are properties. Also that if you are a slave and make it to free land and you are caught you will be sent back to your master. The Dred Scott decision made the southerners happy and the northerners furious because Dred Scott did make it to free land with his master, but his master died before he was free.

John Browns raid on Harpers Ferry


John Brown raid on Harper's Ferry was when he and his 5 sons capture a arsenal and try to start a revolt for the slaves and give the slaves guns. However the slaves did not come and his plan was a fail. John Brown was captured and executed while his 5 sons were killed during the small battle. This event lead up to the civil war because the southerners started to talk about what if the slaves did take the weapons, what would have happened. This started the southerners to talk about seceding

Election of 1860


In the election of 1860 it was Abraham Lincoln VS. John C. Breckinridge. The out come was Abraham Lincoln as president. After Lincoln took office the south seceded saying they were losing power and that was the last straw for the south.

Confederacy formed

1861 - 1865

The Confederacy was formed from the states that seceded from the union in 1860. This country was formed to fight against the Union. 11 states seceded from the union and joined the Confederate States of America. Jefferson Davis was the only president of the Confederacy. The southerners seceding was the last straw for the north because they are going to target the south forcing them back to the union.