The Federalist Era


Hamilton and Jefferson Era

1770 - 1800

In this time, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were against each other in every political view. Thomas Jefferson was more for the people, and Hamilton for the rich. Eventually, they were both cabinet members in George Washington's second term. The event ended when jefferson became president, and Hamilton could not overpower him.

Washington's Farewell Address

09/19/1796 - 09/20/1796

Washington's Farewell Address was his thoughts sent to the newspaper including concerning notes about problems that may occur within the government. The first idea ws that he didnt want to form permanent ties with other countries. His second thought was that he was worried about growing political issues. The final thought that he wrote was concerning debt. This "essay" was meant to inform the nation of possible threats that the government may run into in the coming years.

The XYZ Affair

1797 - 1798

The XYZ Affair was a time from 1797 to 1798 that involved America and France. John Adams was president during this time. America and Britain started to have good relations, so they set up a trade system. This angered France, andf they threatened war with America. the XYZ Affair started an undeclared naval war.

Alien and Sedition acts

1798 - 1799

The Alien and Sedition acts were created by the Federalists to gain more power over immigrants and foreigners. They consisted of four bills passed in 1798. The first one protected from foreign enemies. The second act made it very difficult to become a citizen, and hard to stay one. The final act made it illegal to write against the government. these laws were rulled unconstitutional in later years.

Quasi War

1798 - 1800

The Quasi War was an undeclared naval war caused by the XYZ affair between France and America.

War of 1812

1812 - 1813

The War of 1812 was a 32-month military conflict between the United States and the British Empire and their Indian allies which resulted in no territorial change, but a resolution of many issues which remained from the American War of Independence. a few reasons of the war were Britain's lack of trade due to the ongoing war with France, and the British support of American Indians. Even though the war was costly, it came out to a stalemate. The treaty of Ghent ended the war.