Chinese CCOT


Qin Dynasty

221 B.C.E - 206 B.C.E

Qin dynasty unites China, ruled through Legalism, ruled by Shi Huangdi, lost power after death, too oppressive, lost power

End of Warring states Period

221 B.C.E

The warring states period ends with the establishment of the Han dynasty

Han dynasty, 1st part

206 B.C.E. - 9 C.E

Han prevail in warfare over Qin.... First ruler was Lui Bang, Prevailed in warfare, Continued bureaucratic system of Qin but changed to one of a confucian rather than a Legalist, Set up system of checks and balances....Wudi set up elite imperial academy, based on knowledge of confucianism...created a set imperial laws...ended with regent Wang Mang usurping throne after child emp. death.

Wudi establishes Imperial academy

124 B.C.E.

Reign of usurper Wang Mang

9 C.E. - 23 C.E.

Wang Mang, the regent for a child emperor, takes over ruling after the child dies and creates his own reign. Though the Han eventually take over again control and regain power, the event severely weakened the dynasty

Han dynasty slowly declines and ends

23 C.E. - 220 C.E.