Untitled timeline


north (israel) and south (judah) kingdoms of israelites

900 bce

israel falls to assyrians

722 bce

northern kingdom unsuccessfully rebels, punished by families being split up --> diaspora, remaining half diluted with imports

judah falls to babylonia + babylonians destroy 1st temple

586 bce

babylonia falls to persia + cyrus II lets all return to homelands

539 bce

2nd temple begun thanks to cyrus II

539 bce

hellenistic period

334 bce - 164 bce

wars of the (alexandrian) diadochi --> ptolemaic vs seleucid

323 bce - 164 bce

ptolemy I soter: ptolemaic kingdom of egypt, allows jews to join academic elite

283 bce

consolidation of power in italy/rome

264 bce

antiochus iii protects jewish practice by law

223 bce

2nd macedonian war: hellenistic kingdoms become roman provinces

200 bce - 31 bce

rome enters wars of diadochi

200 bce

battle of raphia: seleucids push ptolemies out, seleucids favor jews

198 bce

hellenistic reform: antiochus iv + jesus/jason + onias/menelaus

170 bce

maccabean revolt - hasmoneans overthrow seleucids

170 bce - 164 bce

hasmonean period

164 bce - 63 bce

window in which jews rule themselves

hasmonean ruler: judas maccabee

164 bce - 160 bce

treaty @ipsos: sel. get syria + judah, ptol. holds and fights for it

164 bce

hasmoneans and rome enter league of friendship

161 bce

hasmonean ruler: jonathan (judas' bro) is HP

160 bce - 142 bce

hasmoneans take HP via jonathan

160 BCE

hasmonean ruler: simon (judas' bro)

142 bce - 134 bce

hasmonean ruler: john hyrcanus (simon's son)

134 bce - 104 bce

hasmonean ruler: aristobulus i son of j hyrcanus, wife=salome alexander

104 bce - 103 bce

hasmonean ruler: alexander jannaeus (cruel, marries salome alexandra)

103 bce - 76 bce

hasmonean ruler: salome alexandra

76 bce - 67 bce

hyrcanus ii vs aristobulus ii

67 bce

procuratorship of felix

52 ce - 58 ce

reign of nero: in which josephus cozies up to him to free the priests

54 ce - 68 ce

first war of the jews (in which josephus does his thing)

66 ce - 73 ce