Andrei Bio 2

New York

Andrei goes back to camp

6/23/1994 - 07/20/1994

Andrei attends the advanced strings program at the Interlochen Summer Arts Camp for the second year.

Andrei wins major competition

09/12/1994 - 09/25/1994

Andrei placed first in the 5th annual International Competition
for Young Violinists in Honour of Karol Lipinski and Henryk Wieniawski in the junior divison. He enjoyed his time in Lublin, Poland, and after his win his parents stayed an extra three days to explore. His winnings included the Golden Violin award and 7000PLN ($2,236 USD).

4th Grade

09/28/1994 - 06/4/1995

Andrei begins going to the Dalton School. After much work and dedication from his parents, he is finally taken off the wait list and accepted. After four years of Spanish, his parents decide to enroll him in French. He also specializes in violin for music training and is enrolled in two after school activities, chess and fencing.

4th year at Julliard

10/01/1994 - 5/14/1995

Andrei attends classes for his fourth year at Julliard. Once again, at the commencement ceremony, he is given lead solo. His teacher Catherine Chang, remained with him for private tutoring. Upon jury, he is welcomed back for a fifth year.

Andrei makes his professional debut


At the age of nine, Andrei auditioned for the directors of the New York Philharmonic and the Berlin Philharmonic and was immediately asked to perform. He made his debut in New York playing Paganini's Violin Concerto No. 1. From this point on he would be recognized as a child prodigy.

Debuts in Berlin


Andrei debuts with the Berlin Philharmonic playing Mozart's Violin Concerto No. 3.

Wins first place at the Menuhin Competition

02/21/1995 - 03/2/1995

Andrei placed first in the youth division and became, at 9, the youngest winner in competition history. The competition was held at the Royal Academy of Music in London. His win was reported by a wide array of press, including the New York Times and Gramophone magazine. This win propelled him to near celebrity, as he was interviewed by media and made TV appearances. Along with this, he is asked by a large selection of orchestras for engagements.

Andrei wins fourth competition

06/5/1995 - 06/15/1995

Andrei wins first place in the Valsesia Musica International Competition youth division B heat in Varallo, Italy, winning the Kawai Prize. He won a medal, plate, and first prize diploma, as well as 2,500 euro or $3,293 USD. His parents stayed longer for vacation and also because Andrei was asked to preform with the Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome.

Performs in Rome


After winning the Competition in Varallo, Andre was asked to perform with the Orchestra of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in the Auditorio Pio in Rome. He performed a set of three Beethoven pieces with the orchestra, Sonata Op23,24, and 96. He received a standing ovation.

Andrei wins fifth competition

09/1/1995 - 10/5/1995

Over eight years since his parents defection, they return due to Andrei's entry into the 1995 George Enescu international Festival and Competition. His winnings included the Grand Prix prize as well as 15,000 Euro (1$9,614 USD). Andrei's entry was extremely controversial within the country, but his playing seemed to quell most of the discomfort. Anton's parents refused to see him, as well as Camelia's brother Vasile. However, Camelia's brother Mihail and her parents welcomed the family with open arms. After the competition they stayed in Sibiu with her family. Another highlight of this event is that Andrei played before the president of Romania, Ion Iliescu.

5th Grade

10/09/1995 - 06/18/1996

Andrei starts 5th grade in Dalton for the second year. His foreign language remains French, however, this year Camelia takes him out of all after school activities in order to focus more on violin.

5th Year at Julliard

10/14/1995 - 05/18/1996

Catherine Chang remains his instructor, and he is enrolled in advanced classes. Upon jury he is once again welcomed back.

Andrei and family move


Andrei and his family move to a a penthouse apartment on the Upper East.

Andrei plays a large selection of shows

07/05/1996 - 08/30/1996

During the summer Andrei performs with the New York Philharmonic for three shows, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra for two shows, the Aspen Sinfonia for a set of four shows, and the Berlin Philharmonic for two shows.

Accepted into the New York Youth Symphony


Andrei was accepted into the Youth Orchestra. With this he has to leave Julliard, as rehersals are each Saturday. However, he is welcomed to come back whenever he wishes. He also keeps his long time trainer Catherine Chang. During the season he plays six concerts, three in Carnegie Hall and three in the Kupferberg Center from Novemeber to May

6th Grade

09/09/1996 - 06/11/1997

Third year at Dalton, still taking French for foreign language.

Wins 6th competition

10/12/1996 - 10/27/1996

In the 11th annual International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition in Poznań,Poland, Andrei places first place, winning a gold medal along with 28,000 Euro ($36,442 USD).

Wins 7th competition

11/01/1996 - 11/17/1996

Andrei wins first place in the Thibaud Violin competiton, becoming the youngest winner of the prize. He preformed with the the National Orchestra of France after his win in the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. His win won him 45,000 Euro or $58,567.50 USD.

Plays first show with Symphony Orchestra


Plays at the Kupferberg Center for the opening show.

Wins 8th Competition

04/25/1997 - 05/18/1997

At the 49th Prague Spring International Music Competition, Andrei wins first place with a prize of 120,000 CZK ($6,083.96 USD)

Attends Starling-DeLay Symposium

05/27/1997 - 6/1/1997

Andrei's accepted as a Student Artist and is allowed in the Master Class as an Exceptional Young Artist.

Plays a large selection of shows

06/20/1997 - 08/25/1997

Once again during the summer Andrei is booked for a large assortment of engagements. He's booked for three shows with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, three shows with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, and five shows with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

2nd year with Youth Symphony Orchestra

9/2/1997 - 05/12/1998

Plays six concerts throughout the season, once again at Carnegie Hall and the Kupferberg Cebter.

7th Grade

09/08/1997 - 06/10/1998

Remains at Dalton, takes French and begins taking swimming, lacrosse, and soccer for after school sports.

Plays a set of performances

06/21/1998 - 08/30/1998

Plays four shows with the New York Philharmonic, two shows with the Vienna Philharmonic, three shows with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, and two shows with the Melbourne Symphony.