Indian Religions

Unit Two



Evidence of Indus valley civilization

2700 BCE

Earliset Vedic compositions

1750 BCE - 1500 BCE

Production of Upanishads

600 BCE

Production of Hindu Epics begins

500 BCE

Greek armies in India (Alexander the Great)

326 BCE

First contacts with Southeast Asia

200 BCE

Composition of the Bhagavad Gita

200 BCE - 200 CE

Compilation of Laws of Manu and Natya Sastra completed

200 CE

Beginning of Tantric tradition

500 CE

Shankars's Advaita Vedanta

700 CE - 800 CE

Alvars and Nayanmars

700 CE - 900 CE

Tamil bhakti poets

Birth date of Ramanuja

1017 CE

Vaishnava philosopher

Agkor Wall built in Cambodia

1100 CE - 1150 CE

Birthdate of Kabir

1398 CE

North Indian bhakti poet

Major endowments to Tirumala-Tirupati temple

1400 CE

Birthdate of Chaitanya

1486 CE

Bengali Vaishnava bhakti poet

Birthdate of Tulisadas

1543 CE

North Indian bhakti poet

British rule established in Calcutta

1757 CE

Ram Mohan Roy est. Brahmo Samaj

1828 CE

Birthdate of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

1836 CE

Dayananda Sarasvati founds Arya Samaj

1875 CE

Vivekaanda attends World's Parliment of Religions in Chicago

1893 CE

Vedanta temple built in San Francisco

1905 CE - 1906 CE

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

1959 CE

Brings transcendental meditation to America and Europe

AC Bhaktivedenta Swami Prabhupada

1965 CE

Founder of International Society of Krishna Consciousness (Hare Krishnas) sails to America

Hindu temples consecrated in New York and Pittsburgh

1977 CE

Sathya Sai Baba passes away

2011 CE