Buck O'Neil


Buck O'Neil was born.

November 13, 1911

Buck O'Neil was born on this day nin Carrabelle, Florida. During this time there was racial segregation.

Buck left Florida to get a better baseball experience.


Buck left Florida because of racial segregation. If he left he would have a better career of baseball and would have gone further in his life.

Buck signed his first contract with the Memphis Red Sox.


Buck's career was inturrupted by warfare.

1943 - 1945

Right when the war was over, Buck rushed back out on the baseball field.

Buck was head of the Kansas City Monarchs in the NAL.


Led the Monarchs in the Negro American League with a batting average of .350.

Buck was named manager of the Monarchs.


Buck decided to drop to part time status.


Buck O'Neil realized that he was getting too old to play and made a huge decision to drop down to part time status.

Buck won his first undispute pennant trophy.


Buck resigned as manager of the Monarchs


Buck wins his second trophy this year also and he resigns from manager!

Buck won his second undispute pennant trophy.


Buck became the first black coach in the major leagues.


The major leagues was no longer racially segregated and Buck O'Neil became the FIRST black coach.

Buck signed baseball player, Lou Brock to his first contract.


Buck officially stops playing baseball.


Buck stopped playing baseball but is still up with the times. He became a scout for the Chicago Cubs.

Buck recieves a ring.


Buck recieved a ring from the baseball scouts and Hall of Fame.

Buck is gone.


Buck O'Neil passed away because of old age. When he died he was 94 when he died.