The Beginning of World War I


The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

28 June 1914

Germany pledges support for Austria-Hungary

5 July 1914

Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

28 July 1914

Russia joins forces with Serbia

30 July 1914

Germany declares war on Russia

1 August 1914

Germany also declares war on France and invades Belgium

3 August 1914

Australia, New Zealand & Canada enter the war on Britain's side

4 August 1914

Britain takes the side of neutral Belgium and declares war on Germany in defense

4 August 1914

Austria-Hungary declare war on Russia whilst Serbia declare war on Germany

6 August 1914

Britain and France declare war on Austria-Hungary

12 August 1914

Belgium unexpectantly resist Germany and helped France & Britain to halt Germany

September 1914

South Africa take German Southwest Africa

November 1914

Australia takes German New Guinea

November 1914

Japan take Germany's Pacific Islands and China territory

November 1914

Russian forces capture Armenia from Turkey


Italy breaks off from the original Triple Alliance to join the Allies.

May 1915

Austrian & German troops overrun those of Rumania


Russia's military starts collapsing


Germany sends out U-boats (submarines) to attack ships of neutral countries

January 1917

that were siding with the Allies. This led to the US joining the allies.

The United States of America join the Allies

April 1917

Russia is ended in its involvement in the war.

November 1917