Untitled timeline


First leader my mom

August 9, 1989 - September 4, 2000

-My mom showed me what being a leader is at an early age
-Most of the task performed by my mother were simply taking care of me but as a single parent
-I learned from an early age that leadership is important in life and in getting things done

Boys & Girls Club of Passaic

September 1, 2000 - 01/02/2003

-The leaders were the counselors and head figures of the organization
-Their task were similar to those of my service learning which is being a mentor to young adults
-I learned that anyone can be a leader even a teenager could be an effective leader

Basketball Captain

12/10/2005 - 06/08/2007

-As my first leadership role becoming captain was important to me
-My task were to be a leader and role model on and off the court
-I learned the difficulties in being an effective leader especially during the offseason

Volunteer at after school program

07/08/2006 - 09/04/2006

-I became the leader to 20 children
-My task included feeding, mentoring, and monitoring the children
-I learned that situations will arise that leaders must deal with even something as small as a kid using the bathroom in his pants or something as big as a parent not showing up to pick up their child

The Venetian

01/15/2009 - 02/20/2013

-I become a leader at my job through promotion
-My task include delegating the waitstaff while also coaching those who need to be taught
-I learned that not only will a leader have to adapt their leadership styles to different situation but may also have to combine them to complete or deal with that situation

My niece is born

06/03/2009 - 02/20/2013

-My niece is born and my girlfriend must play a leadership role in her life
-Her task included taking her to daycare on "play dates" etc. even though she wasn't the mother she took care of her as one
-I learned that in order to be an effective leader that individual must want to be a leader it's not just learned