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greek ideas and inventions

Trojan war

1500 BC - 1200 BC

A lady named Hellena was marryed to the king but liked a man named paris. Hellena went with Paris back to Troy where Paris lives. they had a war and the king could not get hellena back. so the king made a wooden horse and brang it to troy as a gift and the trick was they fliied the horse with soldgers. Whal every body was sleeping, the soldgers came out and killed them. and so no some poeple say "be where of greeks bringing gifts."


776 BC

The Olympics was a event that helped men stay strong, helped make country's interact, and it was to honor Greek gods. Also women weren't aloud there because only men competed and they wouldn't ever ware clothes.

greek theator

700 BC


580 BC

greek mytholagy

500 BC

Greek Mythology was a way to tell stories that explain nature. they belived in many gods and those gods were Zeus; the god of lightning, Poseidon; the god of the sea, and Hades; the god of the under world.


490 BC


460 BC


440 BC


421 BC

an acropolis was the religious and military center of a city or a state in ancient Greece. the Greeks usually fortified a hill. it was usually within or near the city so it made people safer. and it made our military better.


387 BC


384 BC

Alexander the great

356 BC

Alexander the great was a man who conquered a lot of people. But when he concord, he would actually make the places he concord better. So he relay was a good guy. and how he concord is he was very smart because he was taught by Aristotle. but he did stop learning at the age of 16 and started concurring.


310 BC


300 BC


300 BC


287 BC

pharos light house of alexandria

283 BC

library of Alexandria

235 BC

The library of Alexandria had scrolls ensted of books and the scrolls were very valuable and had tons of knowledge in them. In fact because they had so much knowledge, it was called the University of the world.

hero of alexandria

100 AD

hadrians wall


marcus aurelius

121 AD


131 AD

emporor constantine

313 AD

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