AMCULT 369 First Midterm


Peale's Museum

1780 - 1843

Enlightenment science, expertise, careful planning

Fanny Kemble

1809 - 1893

like Jenny Lind, philanthropy, larger promotional trick

Noah Ludlow/Sol Smith

1820 - 1830

theater syndicate, South, cultural infrastructure

Ira Aldridge


successful actor in Europe, African-American, low blackface/high Shakespeare

T.D. Rice


Jim Crow, appropriation, white performer, cultural theft

P.T. Barnum

1830 - 1890

architect of modern culture industry, living curiosity, circus, national celebrities, corporate models

American Museum


NYC, no order, artifacts, Lecture Room, market capitalism

William Henry Lane, "Master Juba"


discovered, British success, imitated white blackface, power of imitation

Feejee Mermaid

1842 - 1843

cheap taxidermy, advertising, pointed out own fraud, evoked discussion

Astor Place Theater Riot


class differences, actor rivalry, highbrow/lowbrow

New York Clipper

1850 - 1920

trade journal, culture aware of industry, drop us a line, created demand for both, information capital, expansion

Sojourner Truth


Ar'n't I a Woman, expanded cult, former slave, expansion for women

Jenny Lind

1850 - 1860

family amusement, philanthropy, audience shift, advertising genius

Adah Isaacs "Menken"

1860 - 1870

Mazeppa, concept of nudity, female celebrities, Lydia Thompson, selling body

General Tom Thumb


liminal, living curiosity, smoke/drink/flirt

Lydia Thompson

1868 - 1890

burlesque, aware, cult of domesticity, selling body

Promontory Point, Utah


completion of transcontinental railroad, cut across locations, new kind of distribution, national products/audience

Fiction factories

1870 - 1880

dime novels, standardization, death of author, created by white collar for working class

Buffalo Bill

1880 - 1910

dime novels, wild west shows, inverted conquest, anti-modern, cultural apparatus, how we remembered

Bertha Clay/Deadwood Dick


death of author, author as brand, dime novels, formula

Little Egypt


Hootchy Coothcy, appropriation from vernacular dance, okay because Other, not contextualized

"Reason Why..."


1893 Columbian Exposition


white city, progress, Western architecture/progress, different industries, symbolic universe, midway

White City/Midway


progress vs. exoticism, middle class vs. working class, sliding scale of humanity, Social Darwinism

Mae West

1900 - 1935

employed Camp, worked way up, jokes, redesign of style w/ each step

Keith-Albee Vaudeville

1906 - 1930

Sunday School rules, Camp, standardized, work way up, "low" burlesque/minstrelsy to middle-class, National Booking Office