Adolf Hitler's Life and Rise to Power


Born in Austria

April 20 1889

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria and was the fourth of six children.

Alois, Hitler's Father Dies

January 3 1903

Although Adolf and his father constantly fought, he suffered emotional trauma because of the loss of his father.

Hitler moves to Vienna

1905 - 1913

Hitler moves to Vienna to study art from 1905-1913.

Klara, Hitler's Mother Dies

January 14 1907

Klara dies on January 14th from Breast Cancer, leaving Adolf an orphan.

Adolf Hitler Serves in WWI

1914 - 1918

Once WWI begins, Hitler volunteers for service and joins the 16th Barvarian Reserve Infantry Regiment.

Nazi Party is Formed


Hitler Delievers the 'Twenty-Five Theses' Speech

February 24 1920

Hitler is Discharged from the Army

March 1920

Adolf Hitler Becomes Nazi Party Leader

July 1921

The Beer Hall Putsch

November 8 1923

Hitler Goes to Trial for Treason

February 26 1924 - December 20 1924

The trial occurs after the Beer Hall Putsch was unsuccessful. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Hitler gets pardoned.

December 20 1924

After being sentenced for five years, Adolf gets pardoned