Roman Empire Timeline


Romulus and Remus and the Creation of Rome

753 BC

Rome was first founded

Rome changed from a Monarchy a Republic

509 BC

The Roman Republic ended with the assasination of Julius Cesar

First Punic War

264 BC - 241 BC

The first of three wars fought between Ancient Carthage and the Roman Republic

"The Year of Four Emperors"

69 AD

Four emperors ruled Rome at the same time

Rome is Taken over by Germanic Tribes

410 AD

Germanic Tribes ruled over rome

Medieval Europe

Rome is divided into West and East

285 AD

Diocletian decided that the Roman empire had become too large to be effectively ruled by one man so he split it into two

Early Middle Ages

500 AD - 1000 AD

The Early Middle ages also known as the Dark Ages

High Middle Ages

1000 AD - 1300 AD

Population Increased very rapidly

Late Middle Ages

1300 AD - 1500 AD

There were many Famines and Plagues


1500 AD

The rebirth of Latin/ Greek


Birth Of Jesus

4 BC

Jesus was born

Crucifixion of Jesus

30 AD

Jesus was arrested then sentenced to be executed on a cross

Christianity is Tolerated in Rome

312 AD - Present

People were able to be Christian

Christianity is the official religion of Rome

380 AD - Present

It was illegal to be christian now it is allowed

The Great Schism

1054 AD

The division of Christianity into The Roman Catholic church and The Eastern Orthodox Church