Untitled timeline


The foundeing of Rrome

734 BC - 729 BC

Romulus and Remus were brothers who were said to have been raised by Wolfs. They were the founders of Rome

Rome First Emperor

27 BC - 14 AD

August Ceaser was a Nephew of Julius Ceaser and rose to power in 27 BC. His kind of rule lasted for nearly 2 century's. He played an important rule in Rome's History

Romes Architecture

25 AD

During this time Rome was at its peak of architecture and technology. They built amazing things such as the Parthenon and invented things like the concrete.


37 AD - 68 AD

Nero was an emperor after Augustus. He discovered many things under his rule such as the invention of concrete and molding it into great archers such as the Parthenon. In 68 AD Nero kills himself as

The great fire of Rome

64 AD - 65 AD

The fire was blazing for 6 days and then it died down and blazed again for another 3 days. this fire burnt down most of Rome.

Rome falls

475 AD - 476 AD

Rome fell because it was starting too many wars with too many different countries