History of Voting Rights


Constitutional Amendment

1776 - 1828

In history a constitutional amendment that was formed was the right to support women's rights. they did this by Abigail Adams got her husband to support her ideas when she was planning her campaign for women's rights.

Constitutional Amendment #1

1780 - Present

A constitutional amendment that was passed was to treat all races equally. they do this by making a law that states that all people should be treated equal. An example of this is the Selma to Montgomery March. The Selma to Montgomery March was created for a man named Jimmy Lee Jackson who was brutally killed. This led to the Black Sunday.

US Adopted Constitution


They were talking about voting rights for people. To be able to vote you had to be a white male and had to own a certain amount of land.

Voting Rights of 1789(Key Date)


In 1789 people were able to have the right to vote. Unfortunately only white men with property could have the right to vote. People who were not able to vote were, Poor people, Women, Native- Americans and enslaved African-Americans.

Women Suffrage #2

1848 - Present

The Seneca Falls Convention. The Seneca Falls Convention was a women rights convention that was created so women can tell why being equal with men was important. it was very important to women at the time because it was used for people to talk about the role of women in society.

African American voting rights

1866 - 1870

African Americans tried to gain the right to vote. some of the ways they tried to do this is by protesting. Many African American leaders one of them being Malcolm X , had a way of getting his point across by using violence and protesting. He does this because he tries to use revenge and wants more rights.

African American Voting Rights #2

1866 - 1870

African Americans struggled with voting rights. a way that African Americans tried to use speeches and tried to blend in with the white community hoping that things will change. A person who reflects trying to blend in with white people by using "separate but equal" techniques is Booker T. Washington.

Women's Suffrage #1

1920 - Present

Women Suffrage was used to help woman in politics. Women wanted the same rights as men and they started with voting rights. They fought for the 19th amendment to be legalized which states that "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." and after 72 years of fighting they got what they wanted which was equality with men.

Law Passed in the last 50 years


A law that was passed in the last 50 years was the Copyright Term Extension Act. This law was passed because a lot of people in the business industry tend to make or copy the same ideas as another company. so this law was made to prevent others from copying the same ideas as another company.