Untitled timeline


Fench revolution

1787 - 1789

a revolution that occurred in france

Financial crisis

1787 - 1789

a financial crisis that sparked the french revolution

estates general

july 16 1787 - july 17 1787

a meeting of all three estates, the third estate demanded more democratic freedoms, they ended up getting locked out by the king

tennis court oath

july 17 1787 - july 18 1787

after getting kicked out of the estates general, the third estate gathered at the tennis court to make the tennis court oath that would agree to start a revolution

storming bastille

july 18 1787 - july 19 1787

the citizens stormed an ancient prison because they wanted weapons and also they viewed the prison as a symbol of oppression

great fear

july 18 1787 - august 3 1787

after what people had done at the Bastille they feared the king would stomp their revolution

creation of national assembly

1788 - 1792

the third estate would create a national assembly to represent the french people

Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen

1789 - 1790

A document that declared Frances independence from itself

creation of national convention

september 1789 - august 1794

after the revolution there were a lot of changes in politics one of these was the creation of the national convention where they would act as a government meeting to discuss politics.

execution of louisXVI

july 1 1793 - july 2 1793

the people feared a return of the monarch so they executed the king

important actions of national convention

july 2 1793 - august 3 1796

the national convention made food cheaper, executed a lot of people thought to be counter revolutionists or loyalists to the monarchy, also giving more freedoms to the third estate and taking away power from the first and second estate

Reign of terror

september 1 1793 - September 2 1794

a time where people feared a return to the monarchy or counter revolutions, in this time hundreds of innocent people were executed out of fear and paranoia

counter revolution

1794 - 1798

some of the french people were unhappy with the results of the revolution so they staged their own in order to set things right

Napoleans rise to power

1799 - 1821

after much suffering France accepted Napoleon Bonaparte as their dictator. as a result Napoleon brought much pride and glory to France

Important Napoleonic reforms

1802 - 1821

Napoleon brought back religion into french society, employment based on merit, public education, public works and renewal, got rid of the french revolutionary calendar, privilege was not based on birth

Napoleon's invasion of russia

june 1 1812 - july 6 1812

a fatal invasion that would backfire on napoleon and lead to his fall from power

Exile to elba

June 1 1814 - June 2 1814

Napoleon Bonaparte would be exiled to Elba, he would eventually regain access to power for a short time before being executed

congress of vienna

september 14 1814 - june 1815

a congress made up of European powers to discuss the aftermath of the French revolutionary, and Napoleonic wars. the result would the "redraw" of national boundaries, and the creation of the spheres of influence

Battle of Waterloo

June 18 1815 - June 19 1815

a battle that was lost by Napoleon and because of this loss he would be removed from power