French Revolution


French Financial Crisis

1783 - 1789

On November 2 1783, Louis XVI made Charles de Calonne the general of finance

On February 22 Assembly of noticables rejects Charles idea for debt relief which was a bad move for France

The Creation of the National Assembly

1788 - 1799

The National assembly was the main reason for the revolution it was mainly peasants or people in the 3rd Estate who were treated so badly that they wanted to change it.

Estates General


May 5th, 1789 King Louis XVI summons the Estates General.

June 17th, The third Estate breaks away from the Estates to make a new constitution.

Storing Bastille


July 14th Citizens Storm the Bastille which was the start of the French Revolution and cause fear throughout France but mainly people not in the 3rd Estate.

Great Fear


July 19th - August 3rd After the Storm Of the Bastille the Peasants uprising caused "Great Fear" throughout France. Thus the start of the great fear

Declaration of The rights of man and the Citizen


August The Declaration was made by the New National Assembly to set rights for all men.

Counter Revolution

1792 - 1797

A period of high death tole because it was during the Reign of Terror. It was started because of all the deaths which people then started a counter revolution to retake Versailles and regain power and not have a democracy.

Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794

After the Death of the king there was a reign of terror over France. Which drove some people to not even leave their houses and saying anything about the king was punishable by death. The First to die or to be executed was Marie Antoinette.(the kings wife)

The Execution of King Louis XVI


January 20th King Louis was condemned to death and his execution was scheduled for the next day. This now meant that France would have a Democracy because they had no king.