Roman Empire


The founding of Rome

753 BC

Romulus and Remus founded Rome. They are brothers and are said to be raised by wolves.

major construction begins in Rome

600 BC

Rome's first emperor is crowned

27 BC

His name is Augustus, he played a critical role in the rise of Rome

Romes peak

25 AD

At this time Rome was at its peak, Architecture, technology and population

the second emporer Nero ruled

37 AD - 68 AD

The great fire of Rome

64 AD

A fire broke out and burned for six days, and then the fire reignited and burned for another 3 days. All together destorying 10 of the 14 of Romes districts

Nero killed himself

68 AD

on this day Nero decides to kill himself by poisoning himself

Rome falls

476 AD

Rome got greedy and wanted lots of land all to themselves, but got into to many fights and wars and lost.