Atlantic World Society

From Western Civ II Week 3 Lecture


Europeans develop better ships

1400 - 1499

Europeans develop maneuverable, heavily-armed ships with improved navigational aids

Portuguese naval and commercial supremacy

1430 - 1550

Christopher Columbus reaches the Americas


Da Gama reaches India


Loses half of his ships and a third of his men, but returns with cargo worth sixty times the cost of the voyage.

Spain and Portugal dominance

1500 - 1600

Spain and Portugal dominate overseas imperialism

Portuguese organize trade in Asia


Portuguese defeat Arab fleet in the Indian Ocean and organize commercial empire around Indian Ocean; establish trading posts on the east coast of Africa, around the rim of the Indian Ocean, and in India, Southeast Asia, and South China.

Magellan circumnavigates the globe

1519 - 1522

Cortes and Pizarros conquer Aztes and Incas

1519 - 1533

Treaty of Tordesillas


divides non-Western world between Spain and Portugal

Dutch establish colony on southern tip of Africa

1600 - 1615

Dutch, French, and British build overseas empires

1600 - 1715

Dutch East India Company established


Dutch East India Company organized for trade with India; headquarters in Java; expel Portuguese from Indonesia; enjoy only pre-1800 Western commercial relationship with Japan.

British establish permanent colonies in North America

1607 - 1625

French establish permanent colonies in Canada and Caribbean

1610 - 1630

early 1600s

Thirty Years' War

1618 - 1648

decline of Spain as overseas power

Dutch West India Company established


Dutch West India Company organized for trade with the Americas; establish colonies in Caribbean.

Dutch replaced by British and French as dominant

1640 - 1660

mid-1600s. Dutch decline as overseas power; replaced by British and French as dominant maritime powers.

Navigation Act in England


Navigation Act is passed in England to accomplish the goals of mercantilism

British and French establish trading posts in India

1675 - 1695

late 1600s

Jan Sobieski III defeats Turks at the 2nd Siege of Vienna


Treaty of Utrecht


European states agree on boundaries of their empires.

Coffee first planted in Brazil


Britain establishes supremacy

1760 - 1769

Britain defeats France in Great War for Empire (a.k.a. Seven Years' War); establishes supremacy of Britain's overseas empire.

American Colonies win independence from Britain

1770 - 1786

French Caribbean colony of Haiti wins independence