World War II


Japan begins to take over Manchuria

September 18, 1931

Japan invades Manchuria. This is part of the Japanese starting to imperialize China

FDR is elected president

November 8, 1932

He led the US through WW2 and the great depression. Also he is responsible for the New Deal and 100 days of reform

Adolf Hitler takes power

March 25, 1933

He is a major player in WWII. While running a successful war effort he also killed 6 million jews out of hatred. As of right now he is just chancellor of Germany

Japan leaves League of Nations

March 30, 1933

This signifies that they have no need for peace and they plan to wage war

FDR is elected for second term

November 3, 1936

He is still a major player in world affairs

Germany signs military agreement with Japan

November 25, 1937

This forms one of the major alliances in the war. These countries will go on to add Italy to the alliance

Rape of Nanking

December 15, 1937

Japanese soldiers marched in and raped and killed over 300000 chinese citizens

France and Britain appease Hitler

September, 1938

When hitler annexed Czechoslovakia, the world appeased him. This means that the world let him take the country hoping that he will stop there.

Atom Bomb is thought of

October 11,1939

FDR was told by Albert Einstein and other scientists that the atom bomb is possible

Italy declares war on Britain and France

June 10, 1940

This signifies Italy entering the war on the axis side. They become a strong force on the war

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

The Japanese attack pearl harbor and kill 3000 people. This also cripples the US navy fleet. This event causes the US to enter the war

Unitied States enters WWII

December 8, 1941

With another big country coming into the war, the death toll skyrockets. The US ends up officially ending the war

Germany and Italy declare war on the US

December 11, 1941

This once again shows the power of alliances in this world war

Bataan death march

April 10, 1942

This was a human rights violation committed by the japanese. They marched there POW's 80 miles and many died due to lack of food and water. Also they were beaten and stabbed with bayonets

Battle of Midway Island

June 3, 1942

This was one of the battles in the pacific. It was used as part of the island hopping campaign

Battle of Guadalcanal

November 6,1942

With an eventual US victory, heavy casualties were incurred on both sides

Italy surrenders

September 8, 1943

One of the axis powers falls

Italy declares war on Germany

October 13,1943

With Italy now part of the allies they are stronger than ever. This also signifies a weakening of the axis powers

Dresden Bombings

February 13,1944

These bombings killed about 135,000 Germans, including civilians; this attack causes about 80% of the city to be destroyed


June 6, 1944

The allies land on normandy and launch a large offensive

Battle of the Bulge

December 16,1944

The last German offensive in the West

FDR dies in office

April 12,1945

Harry Truman takes over and eventually drops the bomb

Hitler commits suicide

May 1,1945

This ends his reign of terror. The nazi party has no leadership now.

V-E Day

May 8, 1945

This stands for Victory in Europe Day. With Germany and Italy surrendered, there is only one enemy left, Japan

First Atom Bomb successfully tested

July 16, 1945

This will prove to be very important as the war is ended with this weapon

Atomic Bomb dropped ion Hiroshima

August 6, 1945

This will start the systematic beating down of the Japanese. The entire city is destroyed.

Atomic Bomb is dropped on Nagasaki

August 9, 1945

This will severely cripple the japanese military and moral

V-J Day

August 15,1945

Japan accepts the allies terms and surrenders. The war is over!