French Revolution


the french in spring


Louis agreed that the estates general should meet the spring.



The french Revolution has began and it inspired more and more people.



Tense atmosphere that exist in the spring (in paris)


May 5, 1789

Louis XVI Summons estate general for its first meeting. The estates are broken down into three different sections from the estate general which becomes or is the national assembly.The important Actions of the national convention when it broke off into the three estates they became first clergy, second nobility, and the third bourgeoisie which is a double representative. Also May 5th there was something known as the creation of national assembly. The estate general had to deal with france and there money problems. The vote that they have was not counting the amount of people. Opening sessions may 5, 1789 the vote was meaningless in terms of power refused to go so they had a separate meeting. The members of the Creation of National Convention are being elected to estates of the realm the financial crisis fell to squabbling over its own structure.

A day

June 17,1789

Proclaiming themselves as a legislature. Ending of feudalism privileges approved the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen wrote constitution that reduced the kings power.


july 14, 1789

Was the storming of the Bastille which meant prison in paris only containing seven inmates at a time during the storm. When the great fear came people thought that the king would punish them and end the revolution.

The declaration of the rights of the man

August 20,1789

article 17 was adopted and the events were to just have workers violence again and again and having the first Estates General meeting.

Important actions of the national convention

September 1 1792

first met in September of 1792 ending monarchy proclaiming France a republic in the power during reign of terror.

Exile to elba

october 1813

The disaster in Russia gave the enemies of napoleon a new hope. Raised another army but, there were inexperienced.

Battle of waterloo

Jan 18, 1815

Napoleon would grab his troops from everywhere for a show down. Napoleon would fight against the British which led by duke of wellington.

exile to elba

March 18, 14

Battle was defeated for napoleon in march allies entered paris in triumph.