French revoultion


financial crisis

1787 - 1789

1756–1783 France builds up enormous debt by participating in the Seven Years’ War and American Revolution.November 2, 1783 Louis XVI becomes controller of the general of finance the king took the throne in 1774. Louis XVI in 1783; recommended across-the-board taxation as the only way to salvage France’s dire financial situation. that the taxes were unfair and didn't want to pay taxes.

estates general

5 may 1789

May 5, 1789 Louis XVI summons Estates-General for its first meeting since 1614.June 17 Third Estate breaks away from Estates-General, and calls itself a National Assembly.Jacques Necker was the director general. their job was to general frenchs finance.

Storming Bastille

14 july 1789

a mob marched to bastilles which was the king castle because of they had to pay higher taxes and want every estate to be equal.

Great Fear

17 july 1789

the great fear was about when the people overcame the third estate because they want equal taxes and that everyone is equal so they when against the king. the citizen was scared what they just did and was scared to be kill by the king.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

August 26 1789

people want to be equal with the first and second estate.Like to pay the same taxes and same live condition

Tennis Court Oath

august 27 1789

Tennis Court Oath was about the third estate wanted to be its own government the king didn't not like that so when they to go and discuss with the estate general they had been locket out so they moved to a nearby tennis court.

Creation of National Assembly

august 27 1789

when the third estate started to form their own government.Because they were not equal and had to pay higher taxes

Counter revolution

1792 - 1797

hey wanted other people to be free not to be rule. Also they started formed group called emigres.

Creation of National Convention


Creation of National Convention what it is about that the citizens wanted a to not have a ruler.The Convention numbered 749 deputies, including businessmen, tradesmen, and many professional men.

Execution of Louis XVI

January 20 1793

when he started to be ruler nearly bankrupt,50% unemployment, crops failed and the price food when up in price.people were not happy. he reinstate france national assembly. stated a mob brought Louis out of power.declared france a republic.

Reign of Terror

september 1793 - July 28 1794

it was about people of to protect the country from the enemies. Also you could tell some like the king and queen and they would be kill .So many people were being kill for no reason.

Important Actions of the National Convention

October 26 1795

some of the acts invitation. the oath was not to break up until a new constitution the king legalized the national assembly. The storming and the fall of Bastille heralded the beginning of the French Revolution and the rest is history.

Napoleon’s Rise to Power

October 9 1799

he help creating a new constitution also established the napoleon code.he later became a king of France.

Important Napoleonic Reforms


some important reforms were laws,government and education

Invasion of Russia


napoleon invade Russia because they abandoned the continental system.he was determined to get the biggest army.

Exile to Elba

1/1/1814 - 1/1/1815

napoleon abdicates the throne is banished to the Mediterranean island of Elba.

Congress of Vienna

2/1/1814 - 2/1/1815

their first goal was to defeated napoleon to balance of power in europe. the second goal was to prevent political revolution

Battle of Waterloo


the battle was the final defeat of french military leader and emperor.the french was defeated by the British and the Prussians.