French Revolution Time-Line


Financial Crisis of 1787-1789

1787 - 1789

-Financial Crisis of 1787-1789
A. The crisis was made up of the first, second and third estates. The first estate is made up of one percent of the population. The second estate was made up of the nobility and they were less than two percent of the population. The third estate was the largest group and included 97 percent of the population. Many different "groups" helped make up the third estate.
B. This goes against what the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen because, in the Declaration, it says all men are created equal and when people are separated in groups like this, all men are not created equal.

Estates General

1788 - 1789

-Estates General
A. The importance of this event was made up of the three estates to approve new taxes on the third estate. This was assumed to be a huge meeting because the estates general's last meeting was 175 years ago. A lot of preparation for this meeting took place.
B. This is also going against the Declaration of the Rights of Man. The reason why is because once again all men are created equal and hiring or switching tax prices is disobeying the rules.

Great Fear


-Great Fear
A. After the fall of Bastille, people feared the King would punish them and end the revolution. Rumors fled throughout the country. This panic was called the Great Fear.
B. This as well is going against the Declaration because the law or "King" cannot punish you inless you, yourself do something wrong or illegal.

Tennis Court Oath


-Tennis Court Oath
A. The Tennis Court Oath was created during the French Revolution. This was important because when all the estates were trying to settle new rules, the King met everyone on the Tennis Court and they named this the Tennis Court Oath.
B. Answer does not apply.

Creation of National Assembly


-Creation of National Assembly
A. Eventually the National Assembly eliminated all the fuedal dues and services the peasants owed the landowners. As well as eiliminating the first estates legal privelages. The National Assembly adopted the Declaration of the rights of Man and of the Citizen. Louis was alarmed once again by all of the National Assembly changes and made the same mistake by calling the troops to Versailles.
B. This goes against the Declaration because the government was taking away the first estates rights. In the declaration it states that: all men are created and treated the same. Since they were taking away the first estates rights, not all men were being treated the same.

Storming Bastille

July 14, 1789

-Storming Bastille
A. King Louis made a serious mistake. He began ordering troops to Paris and Versailles. Because of this, members of the National Assembly feared the King would use violence to end their meetings. On July 14, 1789, mobs of persians went to Bastille looking for weapons.
B. Answer is not applicable for this question.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

August 26, 1789

-Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
A. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen laid out the basic principles of the French Revolution. The principles included, liberty, equality, and fraternity (brotherhood). The Document stated all men are created equal and remain equal before the law.
B. Answer is not applicable.



A. Counterrevolution is where, a revolution that occoured earlier, comes and fights back with the war that's going on now.
B. Answer is not applicable.

Important Actions of the National Convention


-Important Actions of the National Convention
A. Important acts of the National Convention includes, abolishing the monarchy and declaring France a republic. The same day the French won a battle against foreign invaders.
B. This is going with the declaration because once again they are being controlled by one person, an absolute monarch and that's allowed in the declaration rules. Although everyone wants/should be able to pick what they want and help pitch in.

Creation of National Convention

August 10 1792

-Creation of National Convention
A. The National Assembly felt powerless when they were forced with mob invasion and foreign invasion. It voted itself out and inhereted the National Convention.
B. This doesn't really go with or without the Declaration.

Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794

-Reign of Terror
A. The importance of the Reign of Terror was the execution of King Louis and Marie Antoinette. More than 12,000 were guillotined but many others were either shot, drowned or put down some other way. 300 people were killed by cannon fire, 2000 people were executed by being sunk in the river.
B. This totally goes against the declaration. No man can go around killing other men.

Important Nepoleonic Reforms


-Important Nepoleonic Reforms
A. As said earlier, Nepolean was a very smart, strategic man. He had done good for their country overall said most people. The Nation he ran was basically a catholic Nation. His time in power was revolutionary.
B. This supports the declaration because he was doing everything he could do to keep the country going.

Execution of LouisXVI


-Execution of LouisXVI
A.The people of France didn't like the fact that they had a dictator, or leader of their country. The wanted their government to be a Democracy, where everyone could pitch in. Eventually King Louis, and his wife, Marie Antionette were both executed.
B. This is going against the Declaration because you are not able to kill anyone unless the goverment feels it's neccessary. However, the people of France decided to execute him anyways.

Nepolean's Rise to Power


-Nepolean's Rise to Power
A. After been trained in artillerary and other military branches, Nepolean was very skillful. He was very smart and could plan ahead. He called himself the first consul and within 5 years the French pronounced him emporrer.
B. Not applicible

Invasion of Russia


-Invasion of Russia
A. Russias economic factors was being hurt by Nepolean Bonaparte's contenential system. Nepolean ended up frightening the Russian people by making them stand in front of 50,000 armed men.
B. This goes against the declaration because you can't threaten people like this or you might go to jail.

Exile to Elba

May 4 1814

-Exile to Elba
A. Nepolean was exiled by the allied governments to Elba. He was escourted by multiple guards and given the title emporer.
B. This goes with the declaration because he ws taken away to another country and really didn't do anything wrong.

Congress of Vienna


-Congress of Vienna
A. The Congress of Vienna was brought upon by 4 European powers that had defeated Nepolean. This was a goal to establish and balance out power amongst.
B. This goes against the declaration because their beginning to change the rules and go against what was sought out in the first place.

Battle of Waterloo

June 18 1850

-Battle of Waterloo
A. 44,000 allied groups and 74,000 French groups. The Battle of Waterloo was a big fight or "battle" between the French and their allies. This was signifigant because the allies overthrew the emporer once again.
B. No answer applicable.