French Revolution Timeline


Financial Crisis of 1787-1789

1/1/1787 - 1/1/1789

France had given a lot of support to American during its Revolution, and because of this they were in a great debt.

Estates General


The Estates General was an assembly filled with representation from all three estates.

National Assembly French Revolution

Jun 17, 1789 - Jul 9, 1789

Creation of National Assembly

June 17, 1789 - July 9, 1789

The Estates General had been composed of representatives from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd estates.

Tennis Court Oath

June 17,1789

This signified the first time the citizens of France formally stood against King Louis XVI.

Storming Bastille

Jul 14, 1789

After trying to reason with the King, and being repetitively ignored, they attacked the prison. They took the weapons they needed and freed the 7 prisoners inside

Great Fear

Jul 17, 1789

This occurred at the beginning of the French Revolution. This was a large panic caused by rebel peasants. This panic was caused by rural unrest due to a grain shortage and rumors that the aristocrats were planning to starve or burn the population. In response to the rumors, peasants armed themselves. In some cases they even attacked Manors.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

Aug 26, 1789

The concepts in the Declaration come from the philosophical and political principles of the Age of Enlightenment, such as individualism, the social contract as theorized by the Swiss philosopher Rousseau,

Important Actions of the National Convention


During the French Revolution, the National Convention comprised the constitutional and legislative assembly of France and sat from 20 September 1792 to 26 October 1795 (the 4th of Brumaire of the year IV under the French Republican Calendar adopted by the Convention).

Execution of Louis XVI

January 21 ,1793

The execution of Louis XVI, by means of the guillotine, took place on 21 January 1793 at the Place de la Révolution ("Revolution Square", formerly Place Louis XV, and renamed Place de la Concorde in 1795) in Paris.

Reign of Terror

September 5 ,1793 - July 28 ,1794

The Reign of Terror (5 September 1793 – 28 July 1794),[1