French Revolution


Execution of Louis XVI

January 21 1783

King Louis was arrested and charged with High Treason then was executed by guillotine.

Estates General


Meeting for French general Assembly meeting to represnt the 1st,2nd and 3rd estates

French Counter Revolution


These were multiple groups that were opposed of the French Revolution.

Creation of National Assembly

June 17,1789

Men called together to discuss Frances Financial crisis and was a transitional body between the Estates-General and the National Constituent Assembly.

Tennis Court Oath

June 20,1789

Deputies locked and guarded into their rooms so they gathered in the kings indoor tennis court and promised to never separate and meet until a constitution was made, 576 deputies signed the oath

Storming Bastille

July 14,1789

Bastille was the medieval fortress or prison but when it was attacked only several people were there

Great Fear

July 17 1789

After grain shortage armies were sent to guard the grain which caused the peasants to get scared about war and armies so they began to arm themselves and some even attacked a small manor

Declaration of Rights of man and citizen

August 26, 1789

Was a signed document of universal rules for all estates

Important events of National Convention

September 20, 1792

The national convention was responsible for the voting towards the execution of King Louis VXI and approved the new "Constitution of the year lll" and also dealt with other legislature.

Reign Of Terror

September 5,1793

This was a time period on the onset of the French Revolution that consisted of mass killings by the guillotine and other ways. The people killed were of all classes and were executed because of being a "traitor" or a follower of the king and queen.

Nepoleons Rise to Power


He was a French military leader who rose to political power in 1799 and crowned himself emperor in 1804.

Important Neoploenic Reforms


He made multiple education reforms and his reform called the Napoleon Code which was a civil code for everyone.

French Invasion Of Russia


It reduced the French allied forces and triggered major European shift in politics and it dramatically weakened the French politics the reputation of Napoleon as a undefeated was changed when Frances former allies broke promise.

Exil to Elba


Coalition invaded France and forced Napoléon to go into exile in Elba but in less than a year he escaped to fight in the Battle of Waterloo

Congress Of Vienna


It was a conference of ambassadors of European states chaired by Austrian statesman

Battle of Waterloo

June 15, 1815

Took place in Waterloo, Belgium and put an end to Napoleons rule over France as emperor.