Medical history and connections with wars!


Alexander Fleming

1881 - 1955

Bacteriology, immunology

Max Born

1882 - 1970

Phyicis majior

Jean piaget

1896 - 1980

Child developmentissis

Enrico Fermi

1901 - 1954

theoratical and experimental phycist

claude levi strauss

1908 - 2009

Anthropology, kinship linguistics

Great medical discoveries


6000 B.C - 2013

The first every used tooth medicine was created in Egypt, China and India. Egypts toothpaste was a mixture of mashed salt, crushed pepper, wet mint leaves, and dried iris flowers. India used Ayurvedic medicine which you would rub on you teeth and chew. This was a twig filled with sweet nectar.

Pierre Fauchard

1728 AD - 2013

He used a thin piece of metal and hooked it on teeth with a thin string.

Pierre Fauchard

1728 AD - 2013

He used a thin piece of metal and hooked it on teeth with a thin string.

Pierre Fauchard

1728 AD - 2013

He used a thin piece of metal and hooked it on teeth my thin string.

Antibiotic Louis pasture

1889 - 2013

Means life can be used to destroy life

Frederick Banting- Insulin

1922 - 2013

insulin is used for saving diabeties! Lowers blood sugar level.

Dr. Charels Hufnagel- Mechanical Valve

1952 - 2013

In 1960 the Starr-Edwards ball valve was the first sucessfull valve to correct heart problems. His model can be placed in the heart. Unlike Dr. Hufnagel's that could only be placed in the aorta.

Top inspiring medical people

Hippocrates physician Greek

460 BC - 375

He has said to have over 50 medical writings from his idea.

Galen of pargomon

130 AD - 200 AD

His full name is Claudius Galenus. He was a physician, surgeon and philosopher.

philosopher Ibn Sīnā

980 AD - 1037

He wrote The Cannon of Medicine and The Book of healing.

Andreas vesalius

1514 - 1564

Flemish anatomist, physician and one of medical s great book authors of de humani corporius fabrica.

Medical discoveries that changed the world

The first Vacination- Louis Pasture

1822 - 1895

He discovered a Vacination for rabies and anthrax.

Alexander Fleming- Penicillin

1881 - 1955

He discovered penicillin in 1928 today it as known as the worlds most life saving drug ever found.

Germ theory- Louis Pasture

1885 - 2013

He found germs in hospitals then told the workers to be more clean. He also found viruses. With out this finding diseases would never stop.

X-Ray-Wilhelm Rontgen

1895 - 2013

Helps Doctors see inside of all the anatomy of the humans layers with out being cut open.

Anesthetics- William T G Morton

1954 - 2013

He was the first person to successfully use anesthetics on a person. This eliminates pain and numbs the affected area.

Wars and their significance

Their relations to medical people.

The Fleet of Xerxes and Hippocrates

477 BC - 449 BC

During this time the Oath of Hippocrates influenced the war between Persians and Greeks. He swore not to help the people that were not of his culture.

World War I and Insulin

1914 - 1918

Frederick Banting served as a medic in World War I. he experienced amputations and a lot of it was due to diabetes. He read about diabetes. Then he experimented in a physiology lab on animals through their veins then on a 14 year old diabetic boy. Insulin was successful and saved the boys life.