French Revolution


Execution of Louis XVI

1774 - 1788

Louis XVI was the king of France during this time, he only 19 when he took the throne. As king he focused on religion. As time went by power drifted from him.

Financial Crisis

1787 - 1789

The financial crisis was time when taxes and money where going higher.

Estate General


Their are three estates. First Estates is the one with the king, queen, and nights. Second Estate is the nobles, and third estate is the villagers.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

1788 - 1789

This document was for man and citizens have equal rights. It introduced by describing it to the people of France.

Great Fear


The Great Fear was a time when the French people would start rumors, and fights. Rumors would go by so fast and the fight go more insistence.

Tennis Court Oath


This was an event during the first days of the French Revolution. This oath caused by the people of France.

Creation of National Assembly


On May 5th the Estate General had to deal with France's financial crisis, but to do with the squabbling over the structure.

Storming Bastille


The Storming Bastille was a time when the prisoners in the Bastille would fight for their rights. The prisoners would have torches, and other things just to show the guards what they were fight for.

Important Actions of the National Convention

1792 - 1795

During the French Revolution the National Convention, deiced to prominent members of the convention.

Creation of National Convention

1792 - 1795

During August, Paris stormed and demanded abolition of the monarchy. This went on for three years.

Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794

The Reign of Terror was a time of violence. . The king and the queen of France were two people who had their heads cut off. King Louis XVI had his head cut off first, but his wife was not on the same day as him. His wife was on another and didn't seem scared of what as going on.