SBClassical Europe

Greek Ideas and inventions


2500 BC

Trogen wars

1500 bc

so their was a lot of killing and lots of deths but the greeks broght a gift to thair enomy and they took it so they were in the gift ( horse) as a present then boms away and they the greeks won

greek theaters

700 BC

homer rought storys for this place


460 BC - 380 BC

Library of Alexandra

235 BC

Haden Walls

120 AD

Marcus Aurelius

121 AD


131 AD - 201 AD

Romain Ideas and Inventions


776 BC

thanks to the greeks we now have olimpics, so if the greeks did not invent the olyipics what would we do evry four years for fun?
and also it is fun to do olympics. so we need and needed olympics.


580 BC


440 BC


387 BC


384 BC - 322 BC

Alaxanra the Grate

356 BC


310 BC - 230 BC


300 BC

he roght many storys for greek thater


287 BC - 212 BC

The Pharos Light of Alexandra

283 BC

so about 283 bc boats crasht and people could not find thair way so in roman they bilt a light of alexandrea or what we call now a light house. this now solved the problem of crashing or fining your way in and out of the shor

romen colens

100 BC

Alexandra, egept

Hero of Alexandra

100 AD