KF Classical Europe

Greek Idea's And Inventions


2500 BC

Told stories about belives in gods and how they belived they got punished by them if they did something rong.


776 BC

the olympics were sports entertainment for men. Men got to show off how strong they are,how fast they are and etc. Last wemon wern't allowed in until they learned to dress

Greek Theaters

700 BC

The greek theater was a comedy place for gods,and they would have children preform shows for them


384 BC

Aristole was a philosopher,science teacher and spread knowledge through greece

Roman Idea's And Inventions

hero of alexandria

700 BC

he did machanics and envented the steam roller


490 BC - 429 BC

Pericles wanted to expand athens,and he allowed people to work wear ever there was no law against it then.


440 BC

The parthnon was built to represent athen the god, the goddess of wisdom. The statue was made of solid gold.


310 BC

Aristarchus lived in alexandria, he found out the earth tilts on its axis.


300 BC

Socrates was a teacher. He was poor so he tought people for free because he belived that people should not waste money. Later on he bacame a philosopher and studied science

Hadrian Wall

120 AD

The Hadrian wall was built to keep enemies out of there city. They also used it to scout out there enemies/ where they were located. Last they would stand on it with kites and people tied to the kite for shooter and bomb droppers.

Alexandria, Egypt


287 BC - 212 bc

He was a math and science teacher and belived he could move the earth

Pharos Light House

283 BC

The pharos light house was used to guide boats to shore. They were also used for people to walk around in and explore the inside.

Trojan War


The trojan war was about how there leader helen went to troy because she got married and went to live with her husband. So the towns people got furious and went and burnd down troy. They burned down troy by saying they were giving the trojans a present and it turned out to be a bomb and they exploded troy and took helen back.