LH Classical Europe

Greek Ideas and Inventions

Greek Mythology

2500 BC

Trojan War

1500 BC

The kings wife falls in love with another man and the king fights the Trojan War to get her back by leaving a giant wooden horse filled with soldiers at the gateway.


776 BC

The olymics was an event to honor the Greek Gods. At first only men could compete and watch the event because the players would play naked.

Greek Theaters

700 BC


580 BC


490 BC


460 BC


440 BC


421 BC

Acropolis was a military center ontop of a hill. Every town had one for safety during an attack. On the hill they could look down and see the enemies coming.


384 BC

Aritotle spread a lot of knowladge and was a great teacher. He is know as the father of logic.


380 BC


300 BC

Homer wrote many stories and poetry. He also wrote the Odessy wich is very famous today.


287 BC

Archimedes was a math matition. He invented the pulley and the lever and grew up in Greece.


73 AD

Pliny was a great writer. He wrote 37 volumes on Nature Science.

Hadrians Wall

120 AD


131 AD

Roman Ideas and Inventions

Roman Columns

100 BC

Emperor Constantine

313 AD

Emperor Constantine was a ruler that cared about his people and was good to them. At first he hated christians but then became one because of his christian wife.

Alexandria, Egypt

Library of Alexandria

235 BC

The Library of Alexandria was burnt down many times and held a lot of scrolls and knowladge. All the smart people went to this library.

Hero of Alexandria

100 AD