Cold war project group 2 the postwar years at home


interstate highway system

1919 - 1950

The idea entered eisenhowers head in 1919 when as a young army officer he had accompanied a cross country military convoy to test the quality of the nations roads. The new freeway system officially known as the national system of interstate and defense highways had a military as well as civillian purpose. it was involved building more than 16000 entrance ramps and 55000 bridges would not be fully completed until the early 1990s.

Baby boom

1940 - 1960

The baby boom is a sudden large sustained increase in birthdate especially in United States and Canada from the later 1940s to the 1960s.

Baby baby boom

1940 - 1945

During the Great Depression the population growth dropped meager nine million. Economic pressures dissuaded many Americans from having children since they would have added to the financial stress experienced by many households. The postwar economy proved to be more robust which encouraged families to have more children. Population saw an increasment of 19 million.

teenagers take the stage

1945 - 1950

the term teenager was rarely used before the 1950s. young people begain to see themselves as a distinct group which the adults could not understand. they no longer had to work to supprt there families and had allowances and money to spend by themselves. imitated the defiance rebellious let loose pattern of the slightly older group. juvenile deliquncy did NOT exisist. crimes gangs and or vandilism were reporte in the news everyday.

A more religious nation?

1950 - 2013

president eisenhower was not a religious man. during the fifties religion made a big ressarance in america. in 1950 49% of americans were church members by 1960 the figure had jumped to 69%.
a different kind of religious impulse motivated evangelical christians typified by the reverend billy graham.

new publishings

1952 - 1960

in 1952 peale published the power of positive thinking one of the most successful inspirational books of all time. in it he argued that a combination of faith and self confidence could allow anyone to surmount any obstacle.

miracle of medicene

1955 - 2013

a historian noted that april 12 1955 was one of the most exciting days of the decade. people drove around honking their car horns church bellsrang and some schools let students out early to celebrate. this was the day that researchers announced that salk vaccine had proven effective in preventing polio. the fight againest heart disease moved forward with new techniques for open heart surgery. doctors could implant artificial valves and pacemakers to keep heart patients alive.children in the fifties grew up taller and stronger than their parents.

Popular music generes of the 1950s

rock n roll : elvis presley chuck berry jerry lee lewis litttle richard chbby checker billy haley and the comets buddy holly carl perkins the costers bobby darin ritchie valens roy orbison gene vincent
traditional pop: nat king cole rosemary clooney perry como dean martin tony bennett peggy lee ella fitzgerald johnny mathis andy williams frank sinatra frankie laine patti page teresa brewer ames brothers andrews sisters the four aces doris day pat boone
country: johnny cash conway twitty patsy cline june carter cash ford
rhythm and blues: little richard the orioles ray charles lloyd price bobby day

rhythm and blues

1950 - 2013

rhythm and blues emerged from the jazz music of the 1940s and it came to be a term for blues music that was slightly more upbeat.


1950 - 2013

johnny cash and hank williams defined the country western style of music during the decade. honkey tonk style of country music characterized by the piano and ragtime sound combined with country and rockabilly harmonies.

traditional pop standards

1950 - 2013

traditional pop music of the 1950s refers to the music that was popular before rock music came into the mainstream in the middle of the fifties it also refers to music that was popular at the same time as the beginning of rock music.

rock n roll

1950 - 2013

the 1950s saw the emergence and rise of rock n roll and rockability. carl perkins was one of the pioneers in the creation of rock music and his style is often referred to as rockabilly genere.